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58th Tour of Flanders Rally

1st - 2nd September, 2017



Fairfield Motorsport offer travel and accommodation packages to the

2017 Flanders Rally - travel on P & O Ferries Dover to Calais and Hull

to Zeebrugge and 1st Class Hotel Accommodation in close proximity

to the Rally Centre


Fairfield Motorsport offer Competitor and Spectator packages to the Tour

of Flanders Rally - Omloop Van Vlaanderen, based in the Flemish City of Roeselare, Belgium and just over one hour from the Port of Calais and in close proximity to Zeebrugge this is an easier event to access.

The Tour of Flanders Car Rally has been running for over 50years so it is

safe to say that this event as well proved itself as one of the great Belgium

rallies and rallies of Europe. Flanders Car Rally is run by a friendly and competent organizing team who welcomes entries from the UK and Ireland.

The Flanders Car Rally runs along side The Historic Tour of Flanders is based in the Flemish city of Roeselare, with centralized servicing and rally headquarters based in the Hallen centre a sports complex just off the ring road, scruitineering is held close by. This is a compact rally with limit road mileage.


Flanders Rally stages are all in close proximity of the Rally Centre, the cars return to the Hallen (Rally Centre) at the end of each leg and re-start via a ramp in the main sports hall, where you can drink and dine and see live action of the rally on

a tv screen. It lends itself for the service crew to have a watch on the stages and get back in time for servicing.

Fairfield Motorsport have reserved accommodation for the Tour of Flanders Rally and Historic Tour of Flanders for Competitors and Spectators on the event we have both economy and three star accommodation available


Fairfield Motorsport can offer you ferry and combined ferry and accommodation packages to the Tour of Flanders or a standalone Ferries offering Dover to Calais and Hull to Zeebrugge for your travel to the event

Fairfield Motorsport work closely with organizing team of the Flanders Car

Rally Omloop van Vlaanderen and sponsor entries in the modern section if

you have any questions please call and ask for John

Flanders Rally Omloop van Vlaanderen Rally Roeselare regulations and

entry forms for both the Modern & Historic rallies are available on line for



John Morgan - llinos Jones-Edwards

Flanders Historic Rally 2013





For ferry bookings please contact


Fairfield Motorsport

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Tour of Flanders Rally 2015

4th/5th September, 2015


Past winners of the Flanders Car Rally - Omloop van Vlaanderen Rally

1960 Duchateau - Van Buggenhout
1961 Vittel - 'Perrier'
1962 Staepeleare - Meeuwissen
1963 Talpe - Missinne
1964 Staepeleare - Meeuwissen
1965 Staepeleare - Christiaens
1966 Moortgat - Collyns
1967 Staepeleare - Aerts
1968 Staepeleare - Aerts
1969 Staepeleare - Aerts
1970 Vandermeersch 'Rossi'
1971 Vandermeersch 'Rossi'
1972 Moortgat - 'Jimmy'
1973 'Pedro' - Valliant
1974 'Pedro' - Valliant
1975 Gustavson - Declercq
1976 Carlson - Dejongh
1977 Moortgat - Andy
1978 Gustavson - Van Oosten
1979 Droogmans - Malais
1980 Colsoul - Lopes
1981 Colsoul - Lopes
1982 Duez - Lux
1983 Snijers - Colebunders
1984 Snijers - Colebunders
1985 Droogmans - Joosten
1986 Droogmans - Joosten
1987 Droogmans - Joosten
1988 Colsoul - Backes
1989 Snijers - Colebunders
1990 Snijers - Colebunders
1991 Viaene - Dewulf
1992 Soulet - Fortin
1993 Snijers - Colebunders
1994 Lietaer - Dermmelaere
1995 Lietaer - Dermmelaere
1996 De Mervius - Dortin
1997 Verhoestraete - Colebunders
1998 Snijers - Colebunders
1999 Princen - Colebunders
2000 Thiry - Prevot
2001 Tsjoen - Colebunders
2002 Theunissen - Genten
2003 Tsjoen - Chevallier
2004 Munster - Caesemaeker
2005 Tsjoen - Vergalle
2006 Tsjoen - Chevallier
2007 Munster - Pyck
2008 Lietaer - Dejonghe
2009 Tsjoen -


2010 Tsjoen - Chevallier
2011 Tsjoen - Buysmans
2012 Tsjoen - Chevallier






Princen -

De Reu






Flanders Car Rally History

A brief history of Flanders Car Rally.  One the most successful and popular British drivers to compete on the Flanders Car Rally was the late Tony Pond.  Tony enjoyed Belgium, and was know for taking time out after the event was over to visit the WW1 airfields on his bicycle.  History and especially early aviation was one of his passions.

During the years that the Rover Metro Cup/Challenge was running, Tony Pond was a great inspiration to the young drivers competing for their first time on the Flanders Car Rally and in Belgium.

The Tour of Flanders Car Rally takes you close to the historical site of Passendale, remembered for one of the bloodiest and worse British military blunders of World War One.

If Rallying in Flanders teaches you one thing only, it should teach you to respect for the lives given in World War One for our freedom today.  Be sure to take time out and pay your respect and gratitude to the boys who their today for our today and the freedom we enjoy.

The Flanders Car Rally has been won many times by Snijers and Droogmans both these drivers had a close association in their Ford days with Jeff Churchill of JC Hire, a Welsh based hire company who worked closely with Ford's competition department at Boreham and offered the latest technology for hire.

Jeff Churchill himself was a very competent driver, although self funded in his Rallying and backed by father Bill.  Jeff always was loyal to Ford and competed in the latest Ford machinery and should have had the honour of being a full works driver.

Jeff is a regular visitor to Belgian rallies and may well be seen around the Flanders Rally stages and service area during the event.  Many of his previously owned Escorts will be competing there now in the Historic section.









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